New heights


So we had a ladies only party the other night and of course I went ( Yemen is not known for its variety of night life activities). Surprisingly, the party was unlike the crummy parties I had attended in Morocco.

The food was great, the company was good too.

I savored the opportunity to let loose and dance… something that is a obvious no, no in the public space. They played Arabic Music first, and a few of the women got up and did a dance (which I was totally in awe of, cuz I can’t belly dance to save my life… lol).

and then, they wanted us to do an Ajnabee (foreigner dance). My friend and I got up and danced to Pussy Cat Dolls “Buttons” ( I love the Dolls), then a Tarkan (Turkish pop singer) song. finally, they played Shakira and Wyclef’s “Hips Don’t Lie:” It was all over

We got up and danced to make up for the past three weeks on inertia and mucular atrophy. Unfortunately, I didn’t take heed to the fact that Sanaa is one of the highest elevations on the Arabian peninsula, the room were in was hot and filled with Sheesha smoke, and that when I dance I tend to give it 100% of effort. When the dance was done I literally could not breath! After gasping for breath for like 10 minutes, my muscles ached so bad and had to be massaged. I’ve been sick ever since

I will say this much, I am thankful to God that it happened in a controlled setting ( we were planning on going club later that night… and I was supposed to go into the mountains the next day….. what a disaster either situation would have been).

Moral of the story: be careful of the kinds of activities you engage in when approaching new heights.

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