On Sketchy Men


So I went to the Rugby game where they warmed up for an entire hour before finally playing the game. Unfortunately by the time it came to play, it rained like crazy.  The streets filled with water, you could literally swim!

I went to KFC, my fave restaurant in Sanaa (which is funny since I don’t really eat KFC when I am home) and on the way back was standing on the street deciding whether I want to hail a taxi or take the less expensive Dubabs. This guy and, and his buddy, both selling ice cream on the same  street corner, came up to me and started talking to me, asking me if I want ice cream ( fair enough, they were trying to get their hustle on).

When I told them that I didn’t want any of their ice cream, the conversation switched gears. “Are you Ethiopian?” “Are you Somali?” (neither of which are questions that you want to hear, because as it has been explained to me,  it means they are sizing up how poor you are– i.e. how desperate for money you are— unfortunately there are a lot of refugees from the Horn of Africa in Yemen and their situation is pretty dire).

Then the  street vendors moved in for the kill and asked  if I had the money for my taxi. Mind you, not because they were interested in helping out a stranger, their eyes were eyeballing me with a  lusty look and they were getting physically closer…. scary?  a little.  weird? a little.

I learned today that,  a clearly foreign but black woman standing on a street corner, I MUST be a  prostitute!

Luckily a taxi came by and I jumped into it. If I had stayed there even a little longer, I think I may have had to hit one or both of them.

Then came another saga with the taxi driver. He asked me where I was from and although I responded with West AFrica he was like “but you live in America, right?” He then proceeded to tell me about how he wanted to marry and American woman and move there. Fine. But then he asked me if I was married ( and of course, I Lied… lol)…. and just in the nick of time, we reached my destination.

An interesting night to say the least… Thank you Yemen for these interesting anecdotes.

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