Facebook Generation?


I took a one-month break from Facebook and I recall find it liberating. The time that I would have spent logging on sending messages, posting on walls and reading quotes was used to start this here blog which I see as a more constructive use of my time.

I don’t think that Facebook ruled my life, but I wonder where and why it became such an integral part of it. I would love to sign off permanently, but the fact of the matter is that it is for many of my “friends” a primary form of contact.

I heard on NPR the other day that the makers of Facebook want it to compete with MySpace. What happened to just being a forum for college students to keep in contact with each other. Maybe I like monotony, but that group “I remember when Facebook was just for smart schools” is sort of ringing true.

but on that same note, I came on Facebook today to wish my friends a happy graduation. I don’t have all their e-mails or telephone numbers. How else would I have been able to do it, x thousand miles away?

The thing is, I didn’t just log in and send a bunch of people a note. I changed my profile pic, edited my quotes, and responded messages that had been left over the course of the month. I ended up spending 2 Hours! (admittedly part of it was because of the slow internet connection).

Truth be told, Facebook doesn’t do it for me. I will still log on, but maybe on a monthly rather than daily or weekly basis.

It’s like something one of my friends (who has sworn to log-off permanently from Facebook when she turns 25) intimated to me once- What the heck are over 25- year-old doing on Facebook?

Yeah, I think it might feel a little weird.-


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