Reflections of the self: One Year later


So I am down to my last week here, but my mind is has been reflecting on the past.

Today many of my friends at Wellesley and next week friends at MIT will be graduating. I have been thinking about what makes these people folk I consider to be friends. What happened to the friends I had in high school who I thought would be together forever? Why are the friends you make in college the ones you keep forever?

This graduation season has made me think about my own, just one year ago and all that has transpired since. In this course of this year, no longer am in contact with the person that was my ‘best friend.” Depending on how you look at it this can be looked at as a loss. But, I don’t see things that way. In her stead I have forged stronger connections with acquaintances, made new friends and have come back in contact with friends and acquaintances whom I haven’t spoken to in years. I have also been able to focus on me in way that I never even thought I needed to before. Life is funny that way, that old adage ” Man proposes but God disposes” has rung so loud and so true.

This past year has been a year of Elucidation of coming to terms with my own faults and limitations, of checking my anger ( oh, I do indeed have an problem holding my tongue when I am angry). It has been a year of letting the chips fall where they may.

I am the sort of individual that likes to plan out my life well in advance. Some call it, well, being anal. As of right now, I have a general idea of where I want to study and work up until about 2012.

In the past I had an issue with being unable to react to events, experiences I did not plan for. This nearly drove me crazy ( and I mean literally crazy) in when I was in Morocco.( I will blog about that later, as soon as I can find some of the “poetry” I wrote when I was there).

But this past year I have been able to conquer this: Change is not always a bad thing. It may a difficult thing, but once the transformation has occurred, it all makes sense. I’m getting older, but I think I’m getting a little wiser too 🙂


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