Yemen, Britain, Spain and traveling worries


So there was a bombing in Yemen a few days ago (which was linked to some Spaniards) as well as a terrorist attack attempt in England.

I am sooo frustrated because these people keep making the world smaller and smaller. I think about all the people who will have to deal with extra bull-Sh&^$ because of the actions of a few rotten apples.

I am usually detained when returning to the U.S. from a Middle Eastern country (even in the case of Yemen, where the U.S. government actually sponsored my trip!!!). What is going to happen the next time I go to Europe and my Egyptian, Moroccan and Yemeni visas all conspicuously available for review?

What about all the people that desperately and honestly are seeking opportunities for a better life in England or some other Western nation, but will be occluded from doing so, because of suspicion that they might be a terrorist?

When will non-violent protest become all the rage again? When will fundamentalists (of any religion or political leaning) realize that attempts to force the world to their point of view will only be that: strong-handed, iron-willed attempts?

argh!!! globalization sucks  sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Yemen, Britain, Spain and traveling worries

  1. classical one

    My prediction is that as terrorist attacks ratched up in Europe and the west and as these democracies face Islamic extremists in their own minorities, anti immigrant sentiment will increase rapidly these countries could move far to the right politically.

  2. Gazelle du Sahara

    This is what is really scary Classical one… the world is small enough and full of enough hatred as it is… meanwhile not enough people are touching the issue of why extremists exist in terms of how the foreign policies of Western powers, past and present have affected the socio-political situations in the rest of the world.

    hmmm of the top of my head:
    Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Iran, … well, you get the picture 😦

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