Reinventing Oneself– Quarter life Crisis continues


Yet another school year has rolled around and I have been taken aback a little by all the NEW that is around me: NEW classes, NEW apartment and general living situation, NEW perspectives on this university and professors, NEW me.

I guess I have stopped stressing too much about my future job/career (momentarily at least) and am wondering What do I want to be? the funny part is the “when I grow up” part is no longer necessary, I am a grown up. Who am I? a fashionista? a nerd? a lazy blob? a party animal? a tv and movie fanatic? an angry black woman? a delinquent?

I participated in my grad program’s orientation and met some of the newbies. We had a mixer dinner and started talking about the cultures/standards of living in different parts of the country. One of them remarked “Of, you you’re so trendy.”

I was like what!?! Not offended, but just a bit taken aback by this characterization, it’s one I’ve never heard (about myself) before.

Realities change with each passing day. Mine I guess is no different.

I think these rambling ruminations are function of being in school for too long.

I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a friend about my Anthropology class. I just remember sitting in the class responding to the professor’s questions about the readings with “who the heck cares?” “Why are you asking us this?” “why does this matter?” (in my head of course– I’m not crazy).

Mainly my response was function of really coming to understand what Anthropology is about and realizing that it wasn’t my cup of tea. But, I think it was also because after 21 years of back to school, summer vacation, tests, quizzes, finals and GPA calculations…

I am ready to be OUT! Not of this grad school, only to shuffle my way to another but school in general.


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