Going Abroad- Again


So, part of the reason I am so anxious to be done with this semester (along with the fact that Mid West living is just not me- I started planning my escape from this school around October of my first semester :- (- ) Is that I am going to London and Barcelona next year!!!!!!!! woooo hoooo!

I think I will be getting the study abroad experience that Morocco and Cordoba robbed me of last time. I am a little older, I little wiser (I hope) and just not going to take things at their face value. it will certainly be an interesting journey, but I look forward to adding more entries to my travelogue.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been brought to tears enough by crappy treatment in other countries, so I know better than to expect any sort of Crystal stair: I am still coping with some of the stuff that happened to me in Morocco and I have been to Barcelona before, and know that their are a lot of things that disturb me about that city.

At the same time, it will be nice to close this chapter of my schooling and open another. Barcelona is an amazing city to visit, and my second favorite in Spain (next to Madrid, of course) and as for the UK, well I have fam on that side of the pond and friends too, so there isn’t as much anxiety as there could be (although this dropping dollar does make my heart beat a bit faster…. it’s really serious).

If it happens to be some sort of study abroad do over, then hopefully I get it right this time. Confronting one’s fears is never a bad thing as long as you can overcome them. At any rate, I should keep in perspective that there are tons of people that will never be able to go where I have and will and experience the life, people and places that I do. It’s pretty humbling: be grateful for every opportunity and stop mulling over the bad stuff, you learned a lesson either way!

ok, I just wanted to get myself psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooo hoooo!


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