letting it Out, letting it go… Or at least learning when to Pt II


I used to be a big fat arguer. Now I don’t care. I learned to let things go.

I am a pack rat, I have emails from before 2002. (You never know when you might need something… or so I tell myself).

I read things over and over, good news, bad news, angering news. But I am learning to let it go.
People try to push my buttons, but I am learning to let it go.

I’ m not perfect, no one is. But, when it’s time to do something else, leave someone/thing/job/school/habit alone, it’s time. Any dilly dallying will only delay your moving to a different plane.

this entry might not make much sense, but whatever. I guess I just want to vent my anger somewhere and then drop it.

The point is, there was something that I had for all intents and purposes let go. I decided to remove all connections to it (for the sake of my own equanimity) but someone else recently tried to bring it up again.

I’m no mind reader, so I can not say what their intention was. But I will say that it came off as a completely unnecessary and even mean spirited attempt, (but I could be wrong). At any rate, the point is that that door is closed, double bolted and the keys have been thrown into the Atlantic. I just want to be left alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol… ok, much better.


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