Steve Harvey morning show


I don’t listen to the whole program, but I recently discovered the strawberry letter segment and really like it.

I think it’s funny, a quick diversion when I’m sick of the NPRs and BBCs

There was one in particular that struck me and it was from a young woman, about my age, obsessed with finding a “Man.” Steve’s response was comical, but oh so true: how about you establish yo credit? You gone mess around and get something that you don’t really want!”

there was more, But I can’t remember it.

The point is that that little segment (which btw came out on my birthday… talk about God’s trying to tell you something 🙂
really made me look at my priorities: Am I on the path that I want to be on? Am I focused on the right things at the right time?

Well for the most part yes, but there was some stuff I needed to let go, and interestingly enough it was not a moving Oprah special or NPR piece that made me take that critical look and make some critical decisions. It was a morning talk show.

Life is so interesting that way.


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