My thesis Ain’t Gon Write isself


So I haven’t looked at my thesis draft in a week ( I had some tests to study for).

It should be an interesting read. I went to my secondary reader to get his approval of my prospectus and he thought the angle I was working/seeking to explore was all wrong.

The thing is though, that my primary reader/thesis adviser thinks its fresh and innovative. Who do I believe?

I remember the last time I had two advisors for research project. It was on the role of race in the Sudanese conflicts. worked my A*&% off for an entire semester (well, relatively hard considering I had senioritis- a valid excuse… lol) and my first advisor told me near the end that my second half, on Darfur just wasn’t as cogent as the first part on the N-S conflict. So I cut the DArfur part out altogether. Too bad for me, my second advisor was only concerned with the DArfur aspect of the paper. In the end, the had to strike a compromise and I got a crummy B+ (which is a fine grade, IF that is what you think your work deserve). Apparently the lowest possible grade my first adviser thought I deserved was a B+ and the highest possible my second adviser thought I deserved was a B+.

Working with two very different people with two sorts of sensibilities is taxing (since tired/exhausted/empty is the theme of the Semester right now, I really have to conserve what I got…lol) I guess I just have to stand my ground and do what I want (despite the fact that these people are seasoned academics and I am in the whole scheme of things an academic peon, well maybe not that small, but you get the point).

ON another completely unrelated note, Will my profs in England require me to write in British English.. lol… (just a thought that popped into my head).


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