thinking in arabic


okay, so I accidentally erased this. But I thought I would repost it all the same. It’s not all that important but oh well.

funniest thing, I’m writing an essay and the grammar is funny- it’s in ARrabic!

somewhat ironic (hmmm is it really ironic, I guess only the Lit/English majors can tell for sure) because my Arabic grammar can be atrocious… lol (no really, there are too many rules to be keeping track of all the time).

The definite article i.e. the equivalent of “The” is kind of a default in arabic (or at least that’s how it seems to me) it’s used more than in English.

At any rate, my essay was riddled with “The” this and “the” that. I was like where in the world did I get that from?

ok, it made me chuckle, maybe it won’t do anything for anyone else but oh well.


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