ON Benazir Bhutto



The announcement of her assassination has shaken me and I don’t know why. I’m not particularly interested in the nuances of South Asian politics.

But the more I’m bombarded with the coverage and the more I talk to my family and the more I reflect, I just feel like all the puzzle pieces are not in sync (there was a time when I thought that word was spelled NsYnc– oh American pop culture— I will be front row if they ever get back together).

I’ve blogged about the discrepancy between the Western media’s coverage of the recent elections in Sierra Leone and the info that family and friends there have been imparting to us, as well as an interview with Somali rapper K’naan who said the same thing about that country’s situation and the news.

I wonder, could the same thing be happening in Pakistan? It’s no secret that no country especially the US does everything it can to promote it’s own interests (that’s why we “promote” democracy and fair elections in Pakistan, do nothing of the sort in Egypt or Saudi Arabia (the wrong type of leaders would be elected… that is another blog entry or sort of blog altogether– I digress).

The characterization of Musharraf and the heralding of Bhutto chafes (sp?) me a bit. It is so easy to make people “informed” in the way that you want to be informed. it’s so easy to sell the public on the idea of democracy and free speech for all (with Bhutto or whomever else as the embodiment of that).

But it’s not easy to know when this is going on. It would be interesting to see how the people in “Londonistan” react to this stuff.

hmmm it’s funny how I’m interested in representations of everything in the media, but what my thesis dictates I should be interested in…lol… oh, the holiday season.


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