OK in the UK


So I have been in London all of 4 days or so, and I’m trying to get used to it all. It’s funny how despite having a cousin who goes to school right across the street, and finally studying in an English speaking country, adjusting is not as easy as it should be.

Maybe I have been using my cousin as a crutch, but the tube does not seem as straightforward to me as I thought (then again, it is only 4 days into the whole thing).

What stands out for me the most right now is how ridiculously homogeneous people are here. Maybe I am looking at things from the perspective of American (‘air of superiority’. But I miss the variety of style back home.

for example, it’s no secret that that the whole jeans tucked into calf length boots or higher is the going fashion, but I swear that is the only things that women over here wear. I know fads are like that, but I can never recall a time in the U.S. when a particular fashion was so nauseatingly popular.

Where is the individuality? Where is the expression of self?  It has only been four days and I am trying really hard not to get into the slump of feeling like a number. I would bet my lunch money that 9.5 out of 10 women here wear a slight (very slight) variation of the same outfit on any given day.

1. aforementioned boots with/skinny jeans
2. a shirt or sweater
3. a long, wool/woolish coat, probably with a belt, but almost certainly fitted along the waist. Mainly black or grey, but a few winter whites as well.

How can people dress like this all day every day? nauseating, absolutely nauseating.

I wanted to dress “up” a lot more while here, but I can’t deal with looking and feeling like a drone. I guess it’s good ole yoga pants, sneakers and Jackets for me.

I will have to work it out that way, I guess.


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