The Africa Channel


I am in love with the Africa Channel, for the first time I get to see representations of the continent and its peoples that are not related to famine, war, corruption etc.

Yeah, some of the stuff is cheesy and some of the programming is a weee bit bootleg (by American standards anyway) but I am soooo feeling seeing just everyday AFricans in regular clothes, not swatting flies or dying of AIDS (of course there are some important issues that need to be discussed and are discussed on this channel).

Right now I’m watching a dance competition and the kids are not breaking it down to some drums or some other stereotypical stuff like that. I wish I had access to stuff like this in the states, it would do wonders for the self esteem of kids with African parents. Maybe it wouldn’t have taken me 20 some odd years to finally completely embrace MY CULTURE.

The women on there are so ridiculously gorgeous and don’t all look like they were rounded up from Alec Wek’s home town (no offense to her, I think she is beautiful, but sometimes I get frustrated with people hailing here as THE African beauty… the continent is far too diverse to be THE prototype).

I am going to miss being a couch potato, watching this programming. I guess I just have to savor it while I am here.


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