I’ve Got a Crush On… No, Not Obama, Thierry Henry !



Sigh. February: “The month of Love.” (boo valentines day, well then again, my little cousin made me a valentine — spelled my name incorrectly, but oh well, at least somebody out there loves me …lol). T

he razor commercial with Tiger Woods,  Roger Federer and Thierry Henry airs here like all the time (more than I recall in the states). There’s also a big billboard that I see each morning/evening when I pick up my little cousin from school. I know they’re supposed to be encouraging me to buy gillete, but all it’s got me thinking is Henry is HOT!

I mean I’ve thought for a while, well, since World Cup 2006: The first soccer competition I watched faithfully.

The man made me love soccer (def was rooting for France up till the Zidane debaucle 😦

Apparently he is now divorced from his ex-model wife (sad for her, but as for me… A girl can dream I guess…lol).

At any rate, the thought just pops into my head every time I see the commercial or billboard, so I might as well have a testament to this moment in time when It’s all about Henry.

Thank You Gillette 🙂

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