On the Straight and Narrow


I have had my hair natural now for quite some time, and have finally learned how to care for it.

No petrolatum or mineral oil, shampoo washes once every 3 weeks, castor oil, coconut oil, and slew of other products to deep condition this sucka.

I’ve actually learned how to twist my hair so its not out most of the time.

Now, in London I don’t dare wash it with tap water, (the hard water in the mid-west made it fall out, thin and become coarser over slowly over my first year in grad school— and so I’ve spent this year trying to correct all that 😦

Instead we get jugs of water from Tesco. (it’s a bit of a funny site, especially with my little cousin hollering– don’t forget the water to wash your hair and the weir looks on people’s faces in the aisles).

But I digress. I really needed a trim and so I went to the salon to get it straightened. The lady worked it out! a little happier with the scissors than I would have liked (I think I got more of cut than a trim but oh well). Needless to say after two blowdries, tongs and a flat iron, my hair looked like it was relaxed— Bone straight.

Having it in its curly/kinky state is manageable and awesome, but sometimes I just want to feel the wind blow in my hair…lol.

But 4 days later, I am done with this! The headwraps (which I still have yet to master so half my hair ends up straight and I just pull the sucker back in a pony tail) the quick baths (lest the “kitchens/curls/kinks begin to reform… and they have) and No/little exercise (for the same reasons— keeping the kink at-bay).

Sometimes I get so frustrated with how complicated black hair can be. With the fro’ I can’t rest the back or sides of my head against anything (a big habit of mine), twists are fine but can’t stay in for too long or else my hair will start to lock, twists outs are awesome, but only last 4 days tops on me.

sometimes I wish I could just wash and go. But alas, twas not to be for me..lol. The grass is always greener I guess.


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