On Politics… So over it… almost


Alright, I’m done. Yes the election that will signal a shift of an era,blah blah, blah.

But I’m tired. What about the issues? So what if Clinton is a woman… duh! and so what if Obama is black (duh).

Maybe it’s because the primaries are dragging on, maybe its because either one of the Democratic candidates would be historical… Maybe its because their policies aren’t that different (hence not much to debate) Maybe it’s for neither of these reasons.

But I feel like there is too much focus on the fluff and not enough on the good stuff. Yes, Clinton Has experience (got that). Yes, Obama represents changes (check).

But what does this all mean?

What about the fundamental differences between their healthcare policies? foreign policies? etc? yes, this stuff is talked about during the debates, but I can’t count the number of pieces and articles I’ve come across that address mudslinging, women and their head vs. heart conundrum, campaign strategies (and in the case of the Clintons gone bust… and MCcain last summer, I believe)likeability etc.

Is this a campaign of personalities because that’s what the public is wants to vote on? or is it what’s constantly being stuffed in our faces?

At any rate, I’m just about over it… let  me know when you have the confirmed number of delegates, and have picked a vp candidate (this goes for both sides).


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