On Anonymity


Clearly I have nothing better to do than sit and write randomness… but oh well.

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately and the question of anonymity/identity etc. I started it last summer when I was in Yemen and needed something to do besides, eat…lol. But to also chronicle my experiences there. I try to keep a journal when I go abroad whether paper or electronic because it’s so helpful as a release and a testament to my anger frustrations, happiness etc.

Only a few people from my circle of friends know about it, because well I wasn’t and still am not sure that I want people who know me to know about it. I guess in this way this space becomes my semi-public- private area for no one but me (and who ever stumbles upon it…lol).

there was a blog I used to read from time to time and the woman who ran it took it down because people in her community found out about it and it of course caused strife…. I guess I’m just weary of stuff like that. It’s one thing for people who know you well, and strangers who don’t know you at all to read your thoughts/reflections etc. it’s a whole other thing for people you don’t know oober well to do so. (although I think there are quite a few folks, who if they did stumble upon this, would be able to put 2- and 2 together rather easily… but oh well).

I’ve seen the straight foolishness people put and say about others on Facebook (i.e.- “oh girl you know she posted x, y or z on her wall and wrote a note about a, b or c). I don’t know it’s like too many cooks spoil the broth.
At any rate, this is why for now, I am content to remain simply gazelles du sahara.

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