Barcelona or Bust… and British Scarves


I am feel like a lion ready to pounce!

I’m not sure how to explain it rather then to say that I ready to peace out of London. Waking up just up the road from the Mediterranean Sea seesm charming and romantic right now.

I got my hair straightened again two days ago and now have to do the extra scarf, hood bob and weave every time I go outside (under no circumstances is this hair getting wet!…lol).

Scarves are a funny thing you know. When I go to Morocco I always wear one. I found that it cut down on the street harassment, (well at least that you can’t tell by looking from behind that I’m a “GAzelle du Sahara” i.e. black woman, i.e. foreigner i.e. ideal target for the advances of random-ass Moroccan men…lol.

My school is full of hippies, hijabis, niqabis and few regular old fashionistas. I’ve blogged about the homogenity of the people I see around me, but the one thing that varies a bit is the way women wear their hair.

Of course theres your run of the mill hijabs– wrapped around the head and pinned.

But some people really do some beautiful stuff with theirs, ONe girl must have like three or in varying shades of blue to black and she tied it like a turban-like crown. I guess my descriptions aren’t so great, but I had never seen anything like it, so it stopped me in my tracks.

there was a girl, she stood out because she is clearly a Wasp or the British equivalent(yes, I know white people can be Muslim)but she wrapped her scarf in this psuedo west-African style. It was gorgeous.

Then there are niqabis. I’ve definitely seen more here than I see in the states,
but after my stint in Yemen, I’m sorta like “eh, nothing to see there, moving on.”

another thing I have noticed are the west African/sub-saharan african Muslim women wearing hijab … not just hijab, but clearly Iranian/Arab influenced styles… abayas and such (there aren’t alot… but a black face here that is clearly not a Somali or some other horn of Africa one means the person has parents that are or is from “black Africa” or the Carribbean … There’s much of a British equivalent to African-Americans and it’s interesting to see how immigrant children forge their identities )

I’m not into hijab discourses (all that Islamic feminism stuff from undergrad tired me out…) and don’t plan on starting one here in favor of or against it.

But I will say that the variety of styles of wearing scarves (hijab or not) is awesome. I really love the creativity, the colors, the fringes and sequins.

It’s great to see different types of women doing there thing…. and more importantly doing it well. 🙂


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