Naked Women and Other Liscentious Acts on TElevison


Spanish Television has much to be desired. To tell you the truth. It’s mostly dubbed American shows from several seasons ago (I’m getting pretty desperate, so I must admit, I watch them…. It’s still painful to watch One tree Hill [hate that show… isn’t it cancelled already] and “House” just isn’t as witty in Spanish to me as he is in English.

Or telenovelas that came out last year on Univision or telemundo. There is one, Accoralada, I never watched it because I was so hooked on Tropico, but now that I’m desperate for background noise and there is no internet…. Accoralada it is.

As for Spanish programming I don’t find the sitcoms funny (they are full of cultural references that I don’t get… or a lo mejor, I don’t think are funny). Also, pornography, or rather what we would consider to be porn in the states is soo readily available here.

My first night I nearly threw my remote at the tv, because like 5 channels had some form of smut on, making channel surfing absolutely horrible. The worst part is that it wasn’t even like late at night it was 11:00 pm or so!

I guess it’s definitely something that will always  surprise me.  I remember being amazed at how common it was to see some woman walking around with no shirt on tv. In fact I distinctly remember some sort of caberet/award show that featured and entire act of bare-chested dancing girls.

To each his own, but, it’s a bit disconcerting to see people naked in commercials and such — correction, literally half, naked women on commercials and such. As a matter of fact, the news did a special on Janet Jackson the other day and of course they had to play the Justin Timberlake fiasco clip—over, and over, and over, in its entirety and in slow motion… I was like, wait, this is the news? As a matter of fact they moved to talking about something else, and then came back to the clip…lol… Was it really that serious?…lol..

When in Spain, do as the Spaniards do!   To think I was hoping they would show a clip of  JJ’s  new video.  Oh well.


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