Back in London– Things I missed about Barcelona


Been back for almost a week now, and nothing has change in contrast to Barcelona’s warm lazy, dry days, I was welcomed back by London drizzle, the smells of the Tube and an even greater realization of how home-sick I really am…lol oh well.

The things I will miss about Spain are all the more with now. I wrote this post before I left and did not get a chance to upload, but better late than never, I guess,

Things I will miss about living in Barcelona:

The Fresh baked bread and cheese cake from the local patisserie
The view of the Mediterranean (if only it were warm enough to sit on the beach and do work)
The Latin-American telenovelas (I dig them so much more now that I’m here, can’t say why)
The preponderance of Zaras and Mangoes (if only to look/browse every few).

Down to my last week and I’ve realized just how much I have eased into a daily/weekly routine.

The television which I once despised, I have found to be a great companion as sit in my apartment meticulously writing and editing my thesis. On one hand its kind of sad to be in such a city full of stuff to do and do nothing but basically go to class and home each day. On the other, who gives a *(&(% I am basking in having my own space. My apartment is in many ways my sanctuary and not my prison. But I digress, back to television.

I have really gotten into the telenovelas which are basically imports from latin-America
1st there is el Secreto del amor which has the same main protagonist as Tropico (my other telenovela secret delight).

Then there is Sonar no cuesta nada, which kind of sucks, but its good background noise.

Finally I enjoy watching Accorralada, which actually was on in the states last summer, but I never really had a desire to watch it. Well it is the SHOW here (for me anyway) and I will def be tuning into the Gran finale with all its melodrama this week.

I’ve actually realized that I dig that show Bones. Although I never watched an episode before coming here, after two dubbed episodes, I think I will tuning into see it when I get back (it’s on before House, right?…lol).

Aside from the other dubbed American shows there are two Spanish ones that I will really miss. Funnily enough they are not sitcoms or dramas (just don’t get Spanish humor).

The first show is Fama a bailar it’s a Spanish version of so you think you can dance, but better. (um, more like so you think you can dance mixed with Big Brother). I have my favorites and will have to go on the internet to see how they fare in the end. So far, one of my favorites, Kiko won a spot as Mariah (or as they say here, Maria) Carey’s backup dancer. I was so happy for him!

The show is weird in that instead of voting for who you want to stay, you vote for who you don’t want stay anymore. Also, in addition to learning and performing different dance styles, the contestants choreograph pieces too.

Interesting. I also just started watching last week so I don’t get the structure, it seems like a revolving door. When people get kicked off, new people are put on.

I think I’ve really gotten into the show, because it takes me back to my dancing days. No, I wasn’t en route to Juliard or anything like that, but dance was a big part of my life in high school and college, where I jacked up one of knees doing it and it has never been the same ever since, so go figure…lol. I guess its all for the best that I’m not busy trying to shake my thang or do twists and turns on stage anywhere anymore. But, audiences have always been besides the point for me. I miss learning new choreography, I miss the feeling that I got when I got all the steps down pact. Like I’ve mentioned before, I can be quite anal, so when everyone else was done with practice I would still be there, until the steps were intuitive, like drinking water when I was thirsty. To this day, when I hear a new song the thought that comes to mind is “that would be so hot to dance to.”

This show reawakens all that for me. The choreography is soo hott! And not just the hip-hop or the “Funky” (i.e. Britney Spears pop-ish songs), I saw a classical piece the other day and really enjoyed it (I’m not a big fan of balle for whatever reason).

Funnily enough, my favorite dancers among the girls are Belinda and Marcielle, both happen to be black (or have some black in them—- oh I just found out that Marcielle is Cubana). I don’t know, I think the way they move reminds me of well, me. One puts everything into every performance its awesome. Even when she’s doing stuff that would otherwise be considered corny, she makes it work. I love it. The other girl has a fluidity with her steps that I love. She’s so cute. Or maybe since there is only two of them, they both stand out. Too bad Macielle got booted off the week I left 😦

It’s like I’m living my life vicariously through these people. If only my knee wasn’t the way it is…lol…. Let me stop and be true to myself!

Baila me Corazon! …lol.


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