kinda funny?



Wow, I wonder how creativity/time people have on their hands to do stuff like this. It’s basicially true, but I guess I just have mucho respect for stuff that has to do with photoshop and webpages (it’s hard… to me anyway).

Then again, I am taking time out to write a note about it, so maybe I should just keep mum on that tip…


2 thoughts on “kinda funny?

  1. TheSouthAfricanExperience

    since i’m technologically challenged, i find this type of creative quite innovative. although i agree people are idle. anyhow, regarding ur previous post, there’s nothing more to add than saying that i sympathize. and i understand. it can be frustrating but what can we do but just find that balance. funny enough something happened to me here that made me think that if i weren’t black, things would have been different. i paid my rent way before it was due but apparently my landlords have not seen it in their statement. the lady calls me and asks me bluntly whether i have problems paying my rent. this b/c las month i was away and came back at the beginning of the following month, thus was a few days late. she calls me and sends me messages. only now does her son tell me that he’s seen it in the statement apologizing for the inconvenience. i’m sure released that the black girl paid. stuff like that just make you wonder what’s wrong with people. anyways, i don’t think we’ll ever escape racism and even self hatred in some contexts but we got to deal with it. and obama in power won’t change anything to that situation. at least in the U.S. sigh. sorry for the long comments.

  2. Gazelle du Sahara

    the comment was well worth reading so no worries.

    In the back of my mind I know this is just reality, but it just sucks that there is nothing to be done about it.

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