On Homosexuality and the “f” Word


Been on my mind flately for a number of reasons, and I’m trying to to articulate myself without sounding crazy.

It’s no secret that homosexuality is a hot topic in the states (and other places) and I don’t really care to delve into my personal feelings about homosexuality per se, but rather note something that I find quite troubling about the way people talk about people in the gay/lesbian community.

If you want to “love the sinner, but hate the sin” etc… but that is on you. If you want to be disgusted by homosexuals, I guess that is on you as well.

What I don’t like is when people, especially “religious folks” and religious leaders who call openly and vehemently refer to homosexuals as the F-word that rhymes with stag. I know it’s complicated issue and all and emotions are high, but to me at least, the use of that word in the context in which it used and has been used is akin to someone calling a black person the N-word. (on a side note, I do not personally think that the gay fight for civil rights is akin to that of black folk for a number of reasons… but I digress).

Agree or disagree with the lifestyle, but don’t de-humanize the individual. It just seems to me that said word choice has no positive value added. (Then again, If I were a preacher, I think I’d be more the Joel Osteen type than the fire and brimstone characters that are abounding these days).

I mean even if you are speaking out against homosexuality, can’t it be done without using the lowliest insult imaginable? (I mean dang, WWJD?). I just don’t see how using it is constructive at all.


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