Headed Home…


I am headed home in another week and half and as I try to check all the touristy stuff of my list I am trying to start being really reflective about the past 5 months and what being in London has meant.

1. For starters I guess the idea that everything happens for a reason is even stronger. two weeks after getting here, I was able to mourn with family over the loss of our loved ones. That truly means boatloads. I had originally been looking at spending this semester in France, oh how happy I am that that did not pan out.

It’s also been refreshing in many ways to study abroad but live with family. Last week, I met up with a colleague from college and she asked me if I had many any friends since I’d been here. Of course I was frank and said no. But, truth be told, I don’t rightly care. I’m not a junior in college trying to break out for a semester of clubbing and such with other under 21-year-olds. I’m at a different place in life and am happy to go to school and come home.

2. I have found it interesting and frustrating to follow U.S. politics here, but this is my second time as an American in Europe in a national election year, and think/hope this experiences have helped me understand the way others, family included just don’t get it….lol… how they conceptualize the American thing. To top it off, its crazy how I can recognize so many of the political pundits.

3. I’ve learned how to deal with people more this year. That room mates won’t always be neat/tidy/give a damn about tidiness. sharing blood or knowing each other for years doesn’t mean that you will be automatically understood.

there are other things, but they need to be processed more

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