shwaya bi-alingleezia (a little in English)


لا استظيع ان اكتب كثير ولكن اريد ان اقول بعض من الشياء التي تشعربها الان
فإن هذا برنمج ليس سهل وعندنا واجب كثير و انا فعلاً تبعنة كل الوقت.
ممكن انا اشعر بالغربة؟ و لكن هذا غير ممكن فإني في امريكا!
اريد امي

ok, that’s enough of that…. I just wanted to note that

1. I have decided that one of my neighbors is a werewolf, (I hate dorm… not really lol). Only a hairy scary monster can shed that much and not clean up after herself.

2. I hate cliques.

3. I hate small talk.لا اهتم باي شيء عن حياتك بصورة خاصة

I mean that as respectfully as possible.

4. I hate the grading. When I say where I went to grad school there is a look of i don’t what the hell it is, almost like their trying to hide their disdain. then when I say that I also did undergrad at Wellesley, now we’re happy. eyes light up and banners wail… b.s. … all of it. Clearly I’m not stupid….lol… am I?

5. I hate it when giving their educational background people don’t mention where they did undergrad cause it was not an ivy league school or some ish like that, but they do nothing but talk about their grad school, not the school in particular, just the continual mention of their affiliation with it…. b.s. all of it. be proud of who you are. Its the person, not the name that’s important.

6. I hate school, and writing full sentences and meeting corny people, and dining hall food, and only listening to Arabic news (how many more Youseff Qaradawi interviews can I watch, bbc arabic and NancyAjram can I listen to….lol…..)

two of my favorite songs 🙂

7. I hate chicks who throw themselves at dudes in the first few weeks of a freaking summer program. Damn decorum please. I also hate chicks who were never taught to wash their hands (or never heeded that lesson).

8. I love the fact that I still have tomatoes 🙂

ok, back to my mountain of work. let’s see if I can be down by oh, 2 or so 😦


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