Syria for a Year?


Thinking about it… don’t know if I could put up with it though.

One of my good friends told me that study abroad for me is like crack… (well something like that).

I need to talk to black people that have studied there… oh wait, there are none…lol.

On the other hand, my Arabic would be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick when I came back.

4 thoughts on “Syria for a Year?

  1. GO TO SYRIA Insh’Allah!!!! My friend in the UK might be going and she’s black! what do you say about that? I also know a bunch of people, who taught me Arabic in the U.K. and who studied in Syrai, men and women [if I knew you wanted a more grammar focused course that would have made you on point with these ridiculous conjugation rules, I would have recommended Ibn Jabal, all day every day!]. But anyways, if your intention is pure and if you have a precise objective and teacher, go for it man! By the way my prof told me that once you have the basics of Arabic, and you wnat to go to the ME, take a private tutor and in a year you’ll be fluent. It’s a bit more costly but you’ll progress quite fast.
    Regarding you being overqualified, hmm, the best way to argue at a job interview is to say that you need the experience and you’re willing to start at the bottom of the ladder. Emphasize that your degrees gave you a sound theoretical background but you need to be in the field now…don’t know if it would work but getting a job in DC is more about knowing how to argue than anything else..been there! lol.
    Claro, take care and let us know what you decide. Hmm an you kidnap me to go to Syria with you? lol. By the way, would that be part of your coursework/career path?

  2. KG

    Well, I think having experiences in a broad range of Arabic-speaking countries will probably be a boon for whatever career you choose, especially if it involves international relations.

    You might want to ask yourself, “Why Syria?” (rather than another Arabic-speaking country). And, “Why a whole year?” If you have good answers to those questions, if Syria can offer something you haven’t had a chance to experience before, and you think a year is necessary, then go for it.

    If I hear that you are writing unhappy poems, though, I am going to bring you home myself!! 🙂

  3. gazelledusahara

    hey teach,

    The problem is that I am completely expecting to encounter racism. that’s why I’m torn. A year is a looong time to be stuck in a country where you feel like people are constantly pointing out your race as a negative attribute.

    KG, I want to do Syria because I don’t feel like my Arabic is on point. I speak it fluidly but not fluently (i.e. I speak pretty clearly and fast, but there are a number of grammatical mistakes…. in the whole scheme of things not a big deal, but I don’t want to sound like someone who is so obviously not a native speaker).

    and Syria has received rave reviews from everyone that I know that has been there, Morocco is not happening again and Yemen was ok but not worth spending an entire year there. So Syria it is?

    I will def give you my contact info just in case I need rescuing from those Damascus nights…lol

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