National Politics: McCain’s VP – a suicidal choice?


Not feeling it at all, her politics scare me.  Here is an op-ed article from the Washingtonpost about Gov. Palin and Clinton supporters. In the author’s words, she is “A Suicidal Choice for Clinton Supporters.

Got to agree, I certainly hope they “come to their senses” on this one, by November at least.

uck! Politics is so icky, I am so tired of hearing all of the pundits and campaign organzers flip the script on a bunch of issues to support their person. I am tired of the analysis of speeches, and who is a maverick, conduit of change, promises of x,y and z.

And I am of course noting the copy-cat strategy of the GOP– appropriating Obama’s slogan/strategy + the historical nature of the Democratic fight for the White House.

Meanwhile, there is nothing on the news besides the conventions/campaign speeches.

Oh well, I will keep praying for OBIDEN ’08!!!!!!!!!!!

.. oh well… the battle for the White House continues

2 thoughts on “National Politics: McCain’s VP – a suicidal choice?

  1. gazelledusahara

    lol… I felt the same way, as a matter of fact I’m a bit offended at the comparison between Palen and Hillary… I may have a crush on Obama, but I know that Palen has NOTHING on my Wellesley sista…lol.

    Not to mention her Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar right politics 😦

    We’ll see how it goes, right now it looks crazy but I’m politicked out from the Democratic primary and convention.

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