Going back to the Motherland


I am thinking about Africa, about going back, or perhaps its better to say, about going in the first place.  I don’t knkow if this plan will come to fruition but I’m creating a short-list of countries.  The theme for my trip would “Islam in sub-saharan Africa” (non surprise there) and I would go to 3 countries

So I would go to 

Senegal- Ghana-Nigeria (but I am scared, perhaps wrongfully so of going to NIgeria alone. The thought of arriving in Lagos airport seems so daunting my heart race quickens just thinking about it). 

Sengal-Gambia- Sierra Leone (but this would not be much more than a ploy to chill in Sa-lone,

Mali-Senegal-Gambia (Mali scares me too because I don’t speak French and don’t know how I would get by) 

Djibouti (would be chance to get another crack at Somali—funnily enough I miss it, I might re-start my studies and crack open that Martin Orwin book)- Ethiopia (get a crack at that Muslim majority/minority – Senegal.

senegal, Kenya (Nairobi seems as daunting as Lagos though), Rwanda?  (once again, not a lick of french can I speak,… I do know how say “a little” “I don’t understand (french)” “I don’t speak (French)” …lol

hmmm, decisions, decisions. Oh well, its only a blue-print for now. 


where do YOU think I should go?

2 thoughts on “Going back to the Motherland

  1. Salaam girl,
    My dissertation is leaning heavily into Nigeria. I’ve been kind of scared, I don’t know. I’m thinking about flying straight into Kano though. I’m thinking Lagos may be just too much for me. But I’m still hoping it will be multi-site: Egypt and Nigeria. We’ll see though. When I go, I’ll hit you up. Would be great to have a travel buddy.

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