On Politics: Arabs, Muslims and Terrorists?


What has bothered me about last week’s election coverage is the way that so many people on the left and the right have no qualm with equating Arab and Muslim with terrorist. 

I am so sick of hearing about people’s fears of Obama being a Muslim and that crazy, ignorant as hell McCain supporter who thinks Obama is



McCain has been getting props for setting her straight (which on a certain level he did). BUt he didn’t do it fully.  What if he was an Arab?  What the heck has that got to do with anything? McCain’s response bothers me because it still left me with a bitter taste in my mouth: No Obama is not an Arab, he’s a descent family man citizen….”  


Um, so Arabs can’t be descent family men and citizens? No one picked up on that, except (funnily enough) Joe Scarborough— which makes my love-hate relationship with his off-beat conservative self all the more intense ;-0


America can do better than this.


2 thoughts on “On Politics: Arabs, Muslims and Terrorists?

  1. KG

    That was bothering me too! People (and the media) throwing around the misperception that Obama is an Arab as if being “Arab” equals being a terrorist and is inherently a bad thing. The media have pointed out that Obama is not an Arab (did you see the SNL Weekend update tonight?), but I haven’t seen any one add anything along the lines of, “and just because you’re Arab doesn’t mean you’re a terrorist.”

    I find that odd.

  2. gazelledusahara

    Yeah, I have seen some people come at and talk about this finally Campbell Brown had an article on MSNBC’s website and Diane Rheme brought it up on her show (She is Arab, so that was interesting).

    It is strange and shows how strange the times we live in are.

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