Syria vs. Qatar?


Ok, so Qatar is on my roster now.  I don’t know which is better between Syria and Qatar.

I think Syria would be fun and historical and blah, blah, blah.  But Where are the black people? (oh that’s right, I might just be it…lol).  I don’t think it would send me to nervous breakdown like Morocco did, but I think it would be an adjustment on top of getting used to food, turkish toilets, dress and language 24×7, but I don’t know.

Khaleeji Arabs have a reputation for being mad grimy to non-citizens, so I’m a bit afraid.  ON the other hand, there are maaad people there from all over the world, and experiencing being an ex-pat and an African with other Africans sounds comforting and really appealing.  The idea of Gulf sounds fun, bump the ancient architecture!  Give me air conditioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…lol.

Well only time will tell, it all depends on funding, and if the relationship between the US and Syria gets better or worse.

2 thoughts on “Syria vs. Qatar?

  1. Hey salaam,
    lol, you’re funny. my friend looks proper Somali. I haven’t spoken to her since she went to study in Syria but I can give you her email, she’s mad cool and she has this ‘thing’ for America and Americans [a British obsession] so y’all will bond. So let me know and I cand send you her email.
    I didn’t know Qatar was a hot spot for seeking knowledge [wait I’m assuming that’s your purpose right?]. I’m sure there are more foreigners, not sure about Blacks [although my Nubian friend lives and works there but she blends in as an Arab], but racism will still be there, you can count on that.
    Most of the Blacks I know who went to get Islamic knowledge in the Middle East went to Syria so I guess that’s the best choice.
    I SO wish I could do the same man…

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