On Africa


The latest Africa news on the Congo is depressing.  10 years ago, the West side was in the gutter.  Now that things are quelling down it seems, things go from bad to worse in the East.


What can be done when women and children are killed, beaten and raped?  Sometimes its so frustrating to sit in the security (perhaps not economic but militarily speaking) of school or work in the U.S. and listen to academics and correspondents break down the problem and still see nothing happen. 


What happens? How do we Save Africa?  Save Africa?


Maybe we need to go micro, how about we prevent that woman from being abused, how about we make that child gets some food, how about WE define who WE are.


I admit, I am part of the problem with no real solutions and without a clear understanding of the problem. 


I’m sorry Africa. 


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