Ella: A Song that Inspires Me


I love the Spanish Singer Bebe.

The first time I went to Spain was Cordoba in fall of ’04.

There happened to be region wide campaign against domestic violence: “Basta! la maltrata de las mujeres!”

(stop! the mistreatment of women!). Bebe had a song called “Malo” which was a woman renouncing her abusive husband and was the theme song for the campaign.

I love Spanish language music or music in other languages in general because the figurative language is so richly different from my own.

And Bebe’s song, Ella is like that. It’s the ultimate girl power piece and I listen and sing it whenever I feel down.

A piece of the chorus was part of my email signature. Spoken in true Andalusian dialect with missing letter “s”es and garbled middle syllables it brings me back to the few good moments of my time there.

Hoy vas a descubrir que el mundo es solo para ti
que nadie puede hacerte daño, nadie puede hacerte daño
Hoy vas a comprender
que el miedo te puede romper con un solo portazo.
Hoy vas a hacer reir
porque tus ojos se han cansado de ser llanto, de ser llanto…
Hoy vas a conseguir
reir tanto de ti y ver que lo has logrado que…

“Today you will discover that the world is only for you, that no one can hurt you, no one can hurt you.

Today you will understand that fear can be broken with only one punch. Today you will smile because your eyes are tired of crying, Today you will smile at yourself and see what you have achieved. ”

Hoy vas conquistar el cielo
sin mirar lo alto que queda del suelo
Hoy vas a ser feliz
aunque el invierno sea frio y sea largo, y sea largo…
Hoy vas a conseguir
reir tanto de ti y ver que lo has logrado…

“… today you will conquer the heavens without looking to see how far you are above ground.

Today you will be happy even if winter is cold and long. You will smile so much at yourself and see what you have achieved”

I know my translation may be a wee bit off here and there, but you get the picture. I love Bebe!


3 thoughts on “Ella: A Song that Inspires Me

  1. Music in different languages is indeed, cool…especially when you can understand those different languages!

    Tengo que eschuchar más música en español…mas agora, o que está passando é que o português domina minha consciência, e não posso pensar em nada mais…

    That’s why I learned Portuguese…because I loved Brazilian music, and I wanted to understand what they were saying, hehe. Spanish and Portuguese, though, are indeed more expressive languages that lend themselves better to poetry and song…most languages other than English do.

    English lends itself to…math and scientific texts.

    Salaam, sis! -Chinyere

  2. Kullu ‘am wa antum bikhair! Eid Mubarak to you too and to your fam. I hpe you had a fabulous and joyous day(s).
    By the way, have you decided to go overseas to gain knowledge?

  3. gazelledusahara

    Salaams Y.S.

    I don’t know anything at this point. Life is changing so rapidly around me that I can’t even make plans yet 😦

    It wouldn’t be for religious knowledge though, more for getting my Arabic straight, although I did see a program in one of the Gulf countries for women who wanted to pursue that course of study and it looked pretty interesting. Oh, Allahu Yarif.

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