Who cares? I’m going to Qatar!!!!


I am trying to get myself pumped… actually I am using dreams of Qatar to get me through the drudgery that is the working world.

Mr. nasty wants to sneeze everywhere (as if his grossness wasn’t enough, now I am worried about swine flu…lol)  … who cares, I’m going to Qatar.

People crowding the dang metro trains again… who cares I’m going to Qatar.

Can’t go back to sleep after waking up and the but crack of dawn because it takes me 45 minutes to get dressed and 1.5 to get to work… who cares, I’m going to Qatar.

One or all of my bosses and co-workers say things that offend or annoy me or both…. Screw them I’m going to Qatar…lol

Well, maybe.  Everything is not set in stone yet.  But knowing that I have an out, makes it easier to deal with the day by day.  There’s so much to think about, so much to be excited about, and still so much to dread.

  1. Either that, or we had been friends since we did a “special” summer program before freshman year where we lived together and took an intensive class (or were friends of friends of people who did this program)

We could do projects together and commiserate over professors and tests because I felt bonded to them out of our mutual interests.

I think that is also part of the reason why I have hard time relating (and now even trying)  to my co-workers.  Our common bond is this place I hate… so hell no I don’t wanna talk to you or hang out after work. (bump happy hour… happy hour for me is the  minute I leave this place…lol).

I think this makes me a little jittery about Qatar.  I know that Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic learners can be a real hodge podge of folk… people have such diverse reasons for wanting to study the Middle East that sometimes there is no overlap with my own.  Or even worse, they same some real ignorant a%$ sh*&% and I get mad.

Is this something I should change?  I don’t know, if you have nothing in common with someone else, then why bother? I think in any relationship there needs to be some significant overlap, whether it be morals, values interests.  I think of my core group of friends from college and we are all distinctly different people, but we gelled because we overlapped and supported each other, and argued without being incredibly ignorant in our comments… I think.

I usually find at least one other person who I can connect with but who knows what I will find this time?  The whole race thing,  I don’t know how it will play out.   I know there will be tons of people of color there, but it’s still weird to be the psuedo American.  I don’t want to expect the worst, but it’s best not to get my hopes up either.  I’m excited about going to a rich Arab country (hello AC, tap water I can probably drink and host of other comforts I’ve missed previous trips abroad).  But,  I know they have mad human rights/labor abuses going on, and social hierarchy that places certain folk (not me) above others.

Despite my worries though, Who cares, I’m going to Qatar!


3 thoughts on “Who cares? I’m going to Qatar!!!!

  1. uu

    Congrats on Qatar! I would love to love to live overseas (for Arabic and the experience)! How long will you get to stay?

  2. anafricaninsouthafrica

    lol, ur last post was powerful, mash’Allah. and this one, well, is a feel good one. i’ll now be blogging at anafricaninsouthafrica.wordpress.com.

  3. gazelledusahara

    You’re making the wordpress switch! welcome…lol.

    It should be a year or so. But we’ll see.

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