ON Dual Degrees


Yay! Gazelle is getting closer to deciding on her course in life… IR/MBA!… which is pretty funny if you knew me…  sigh. 

I am getting excited looking at programs, but am wondering which is the best fit for me, and am I willing to put in all the pre-Grad school/Bus school efforts that I need to get in… well, I’ll have to deal with that after Qatar. 

Dual degree programs are gerat in that you finish in less time, but I think that it takes away from the elective courses that you get to take… I feel like I would be cutting myself short, wouldn’t it be better to spend fours years and get all the bang for my buck, rahter than rush to be out in 3 years?…. I don’t know.  

All this stuff is ways off… 


I also feel weird about letting the Phd dream go, I’ve spent all this time gearing up for it, assured professors  that I love them and will definitely be applying, calling up friends and acqaintances at various schools… only to chicken out!… a bit ironic.  

I hope I don’t get on their s&*@! list.


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