ON What I’m listening to….


Music and I have been pretty eh, for a while simply no time for it lately… but I’A that will be changing in the near distant future.  

I decided to take a peak at some billboard and video music charts.    There are some artists I really don’t get what the fuss is about (Lady Gaga… she seems a bit like Christian Aguilera without the booming voice… and I don’t really like the beats… but maybe she’ll grow on me).  

So far, here are songs I like-


David Cooke- come back to me 

Britney Spears- (I can’t help it, I really like all her songs…lol) 

Maxwell- pretty wings (I am soooooooooo happy he’s come back, can’t wait till the album comes out… loving it!) 

Jesse Mcartney- How do you sleep (this surprised me, but I heard the song before I found out he sang it, not a Mcartney fan in general but the chorus is catchy 🙂 

Katy Perry- Hot and cold

black eye peas- boom boom pow (nice beat) 


Spanish songs: 

Makano- te amo

 Luis Fonsi- aqui estoy yo,   no me doy por vencido, nada es para siempre 

 Enrique eglesias- lloro por ti 

Juanes odio por amor 



Saber al-robaey- daek bik, ala nar

 Aancy ajram- betfakir bi eh 

samira said awaam keda 


listening to music made me think about my dancing days… (I wasn’t Juliard bound or anything but)   I miss it.  That’s what music is for me… beats and rythyms I can  move and express myself with… I think when I grow up I’m going to have a dance studio where I can just work it out all by myself… Hopefully by then this chrondomalacia will be under control… sigh.

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