ON boy bands and the past


sigh, I have been going back in time to 98, 99, 00 to my Total Request live, Boy band loving days.  I looooooooooved NSYNC!  (whatever, I got so much flack for it in high school, I don’t care what anyone thinks… I would pay good money to see them if they had a reunion tour….lol…. I really would).  

I remember where I was when I first heard “I want it that way”  on a three way phone conversation with two other Backstreet Boy fanatics…. we heard the new single of their next album was coming out and had pitched tents to radio stations… It was a complete surprise, as were expecting them to just release a song that had been on their European album.  Wow, I had posters calendars, folders, pencils… oh adolescence.  

I know their music was kinda cheesy and (especially in the case of the backstreet boys) weird for these grown a&%#$ men to be singing sexually suggestive songs… but who cares, I was 14-17 and in love with their “poetic” lyrics.. .I actually remember writing in my journal that I wanted someone to love me like the Backstreet Boys song said ” I don’t care who you are, where your from , what you did, as long as you love me…lol” 


It’s been years since I played this stuff… It’s funny, I can see my children cringe as I rush to buy tickets to the Nsync reuniion, the same way I don’t get grown women who flock to New Edition, NKOTB concerts (they are too old to be singing “the right stuff” and “Mr. Telephone man” tooo old!…lol. 

Sigh.  What a trip down memory lane.  


And let’s not forget fighting over who was the best/favorite… I always preffered JC chasez to Justin (not really feeling him that much as solo artist either… everything is about love and sex in his songs now… booooring).  and AJ was hands down THE backstreet boy for Me! …The bad boy! the rebel…. lol… I feel sorry for his drug problem, but am happy that he was able to clean up his life.  


oh yeah and all the boy band spin offs: 5ive, O-town, s club 7, Bewitched, … the days of cheesiness reigned learning lyrics, taping videos to learn the choreography….


Does anyone else remember when Jordan Knight and Joey Mcintyre came out with solo albums? … Oh my gosh… I am grinning from ear to ear…lol.


5 thoughts on “ON boy bands and the past

  1. I loved me some backstreet boys back in the days. listened to them over and over again on my cassette then CD player. N’sync, the song ‘Gone’ does it for me, I like others as well. Justin is yummy, his solo career was alright, well I stopped following after the 1st album, lol, but eh physically and with those moves, I dig him…personality, not sure. I wasn’t really in the other boy bands. And the girls? Spice girls? LOL. ridiculous.

  2. gazelledusahara

    BSB and NSYNC were certainly the two giants…. Guess I should reserve you a seat for their reunion tour?…lol..

  3. Rather than wait until somebody waterboards me to get at the truth, I’ll spill the beans. I’m not a boy band fan…my being a bruh and all. But I do still have “I want it that way” lingering somewhere in my iPod. Sue me.

  4. gazelledusahara

    lol… what is it about dudes and that song, I almost every guy I know either has “That way” or “backstreet’s back” in their archives…

    eh, It’s an American classic 🙂 for better or worse.

  5. Andre

    Since I’m making it a point to reveal embarassing secrets, one of my new favorite songs is “I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Gardens. I’m borderline gay for that. Again, sue me.

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