Sunakati and Rammadan in the Sierra Leonean Community


I was not this past weekend. So I was able to indulge in one of the most awesome aspects of Rammadan among Sierra Leoneans –Sunakati.

Because of my family traditions, I don’t know if this term/word is exclusively for meals cooked by Christians for Muslims or for meals in general prepared for Muslims by anyone, but either way, you get the idea.

We visited my aunty Ami(na) and she is an awesome cook, and of course one of those people that pulls you into the kitchen the moment you step through the door. She’s an interesting character: a woman cooking during Rammadan while fasting, who supports Christian television ministries and enjoys gospel music… that about summs it all. I felt a little guilty because everyone else in the house had that slightly withered/listless look that can come from fasting in really hot weather… but it didn’t stop me from eating.

Then we went to my uncle’s house, whose wife is a Muslim convert to Christianity. Of course the pots were fired up cooking for her Muslim family members and friends (and passerbys like us too).

Once again, experiences like these bring the whole cross-religious interaction thing that I’m familiar with into focus. I love my people right now… and love the respect, and obeyance that people pay/make for other people’s religious beliefs.

ok, this is not supposed to be another sappy ode to Sierra Leoneans, but I guess I just feel so happy about them right now…. sigh… or maybe I’m just trying to keep my mind off of all the packing, and arranging I have to do.


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