On Hijab Khaleeji Style


so most of the women, no the vast majority of the women where I live wear hijab, but not just hijab, but abayas, the traditional dress for women in the Arab Gulf (i.e the oil-rich Arab countries) region (which Qatar is of course a part of).

School is like one big fashion show for some of these chicks, and I think it’s awesome. Seriously the women’s campus (yes even the universities are segregated here … that’s a whole other entry) has this wide sidewalk, which I have nicknamed the cat walk. I honestly think some girls get dressed with walking that strip in mind. And to their credit alot of them come to class looking like this:


No joke. and the rest look like this:


lol… ok well not every body, but a lot of people. Certainly not me… Sometimes I wonder how tore up I look on a daily basis….My facebook picture at the moment is one of me dressed for a relative’s wedding. As I have begun adding people on facebook here, I keep getting “Oh you look gorgeous… in that picture…lol” … oh well.

back to Qatar, It’s obvious that a lot of people here are rolling in dough. I have never seen so much Fendi, Prada, Burberry and Hermes in one place. I haven’t seen anything too over the top though just really, really nice accessories…. except for maybe the woman with Burberry stationary (who knew they make trash cans…lol).

Another part of hijab chique is something my friends (yes friends even though we’ve only known each other for a week) and I call the bump. I forgot the word in arabic, but its a clip on bush that you attach to your head so when you wear your hijab it looks like you have tons of hair. I must admit, It really does look good (which for whatever reason I wasn’t expecting it to) so I getting me one or two before I leave…lol

I wish I could find a picture,— it looks something like this:


and here is cartoon depiction of the bump:

ok and now I end with cute cartoon I found online, its two women with head scarves chewing out another woman who dressed modestly but does not cover her hair… Something I should blog about at some point, but then again, it’s been done to death so maybe not.



14 thoughts on “On Hijab Khaleeji Style

  1. ans

    Is the clip attched to the head for the purpose of making it look like someone has lots of hair or for other reasons? We want to see that picture of you dressed for your relative’s wedding and you in your hijab with the bump. Can we see it, pleeease post it. It’s nice you’ve met some friends. Have fun.

    • gazelledusahara

      I don’t really know why the clip is attached, I suppose it’s to look like you have lots of hair, who knows why fashion trends start. I’m just a believer in how good it makes you look.

      I don’t think I will post pics of myself cuz I want to remain, just Gazelle.

  2. Hahaha!! I remember the big underhijab bonnets. Actually some women do have big bouffants under there, but the bonnet just killed it for me. I went to some study group and had part of my hair in a ponytail. One woman tried to warn me about how wearing my hair up like that was un-Islamic. A hadith states that one of the signs of the last day was when women wear their hair so it looks like a camel hump. I just nodded yes, but in my mind I was thinking, “They’re not talking about me, they are talking about YOUR people.” They were so materialistic, the national pastime was shopping and then gorging out in diwanniyas. You wonder how much do they really give in charity and you see how bad they treat poor people and immigrants.

    • gazelledusahara

      It’s is pretty funny… I was wondering what the whole giant flower in their hair was about… but now I understand…

      It’s funny how that woman would be trying to call you out, when her peeps are the Queens of that. I thought about the camel hump thing too, but my attitude is like that of one of the sisters here… “ok, so the last days are imminent? should I abstain from wearing this because of something that’s bound to happen?” …

      I will definitely have to sort out my feelings about the guest slaves… I mean workers… it’s disgusting and scary not just for the workers… what will these people do when oil runs out?

  3. True dat. Next time I will wear an up-do. The Bedouin have already built their skyscrapers. We just have to live our lives and let what happens happen.
    I think some folks got mad when I wrote about the issue of maids in Kuwait. It really is about the trafficking in human beings, totally depressing…

  4. Haha! I love the cartoons, they’re too true. Well, that’s the main reason why I don’t want to study in the Khaleej, a lot of girls are too shallow and are caught up in dressing like queens, tones of make-up and blah. They’d probably miss the first 15 minutes of a final because they’re eye shadow isn’t even on both eyes. Okay, it’s all a bit exaggerated but you know.

    The purpose of wearing the *bush* on the head is in order to stop the shayla from falling as it will be stopped by the bush, it has become somewhat fashionable. However I think some people over do it and put it either too high so it looks like they’re trying to construct some sort of pyramid, or they put double so they look like they’re calling a football behind their head, or maybe just two other heads! [Voldemort much?] Anyway, I agree, if it’s not too huge, it does actually look quite nice and attractive.

    • gazelledusahara

      SA Mayyada and welcome!

      I totally feel you on the Gumbuya, but that won’t stop me from getting a collection of them before I leave…lol

    • gazelledusahara


      I guess if you don’t have a gumbuya you can make one, just buy a really big fake flower and glue it to a hair clip/claw.

  5. Bianca

    I’m sorry, but that big hijab thing is really unflattering. I have 9 sons and they all laugh at women that look like this.
    Saheeh Muslim # 2128 (5633). The wording is:

    “There are two types of people from the people of the hell-fire whom I’ve never seen before. A people who had whips like the tails of cows beating the people with them. Women who are dressed but naked. Those who sway and cause others to sway, whose heads are like the humps of camels. They will not enter into paradise nor smell its fragrance, although its fragrance can be smelled from the distance of such such.”

  6. gazelledusahara

    thanks for Sharing Bianca, but I’m pretty these women are well aware of the Hadith as even I heard of it and variations of and those similar to it, but they wear the gumbuya/bump anyway.

    their heads actually don’t actually have humps, and some gumbuyas are actually pretty moderate sized as Mayyada above said, the purpose of the bush is to stop the scarf from slipping, it may have evolved into having a life of its own.

    As I said in my original post, it can be quite flattering if a moderately sized one is worn, i.e. one that does not look like you are wearing a gumbuya. but it is, what it is.

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