Qatar 3 More Years?


So here is what has been happening to me so far—– I go to class, come back and go out to eat or the mall once or twice a week…. welcome to life in the Gulf.  I need to talk about the things to do (or lack thereof) but that’s not what this post is about.

I may have an interview for job here that would be a three year contract… I did not know or apply for this position, it has just come up—- funnily enough that seems to be the way things work here… random people and random experiences… but whatever.

So the thing is I was not planning at all on staying here for longer than the stint of this program… and can’t imagine living here for three years… There are pros to working here of course, number one would be the tax-free salary, two would be the more than adequate free health care and three would be that I already have friends here… but I don’t know.

I feel like Qatar is weird.  Or I feel weird here. I am adjusting to the heat, to the gender segregation to the gawking of random dudes, to the malls that cost the same or more than at home… I just don’t know if I could go the distance.

It wasn’t part of my 5 year plan, You know. I was getting advice from a friend here and said, well, I would be roughly 28 when the term was over.  That is a problem… the likelihood of meeting my future husband here is well, nill, well I hope…. meeting a man HERE is not part of my 5 year plan or life plan at all….lol…

I’m trying to be open to possibilities… and that is all this is right now a possibility… no offer in hand, and that’s ok right now.  My mom says I should keep my options open and take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself… so I will at least inquire further  and not stop this cold turkey… Me, single black female in Qatar?…. young professional in the boring half of the Arab Gulf…lol…


3 thoughts on “Qatar 3 More Years?

  1. LC

    I’m intrigued by your blog and appreciate your openness of thought. My husband and I are moving to Qatar in the spring of 2010. He landed a military contract, so we decided to abandon home for a year and explore a new country. I am African-American and he is Latino. He works in IT and I’m a makeup-artist for national TV. I did a search for Qatari living because I wanted to know how African- Americans would be treated there. And I also wanted to know how I would be accepted as a black makeup-artist who usually works with politicians and high profile personalities in news and television in the U.S.

    In my reading up on Qatar, I noticed that boredom is high on the post topics. I really want to find things to do and explore as well as work in my area of expertise. I imagine myself working on royalty and socialites, but am not sure if I will be accepted because of my dark skin. It’s a shame that I even have to think about these things, but when traveling to other nations, people have a way about themselves to remind you that YOU are black. Be it ignoring you or shamelessly staring you down.

    Your posts are colorful and real… Just what I need to hear since I will soon be your neighbor. I too plan to write of my adventures in a new land and I hope to meet sisters like you… of any race… when I move to Qatar.

  2. gazelledusahara

    Welcome LC!

    I am happy you’ve found my musings useful. Honestly being an American trumps race here, that’s what I’ve found at least, for what it’s worth.

    Also there are tons of Qataris that look like regular ole black folk from back home. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t racism, but I think as long people know about your skills they will want to have you do work for them.

  3. LC

    LOL. Regular ole black folk. Sounds like something I would say. It’s good to hear that being American is a plus. I will definantely put my skills out there. I was going to “do me” anyway. Thanks for the response! And you really helped me as far as what kind of clothes to wear.

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