Give us Free!


lol.. that is what I feel like saying when I think about having to return to my dorm before 10:00.

I don’t think I ever have… well there was one night when got back by 9:50 ish, but only after leaving our event very early.

It’s annoying.  I am 25 years old. I am responsible for myself.  I’m not crazy and make good choices, and yet my 17 year old sister can stay out longer than I can.  I am ready to stage a revolution!!!!!!!!!

It’s a mixture of the curfew and the insanely long wait for a taxi that makes me mad.  I have waited as long as an hour to find one and know classmates that have waited for two hours.  Imagine leaving for dinner at 6 or 7 and having to be back at 10 knowing that the taxi was going to take insanely long…. Gazelle is not feeling it!!!!!!!!!!!….lol…

But it’s funny because whenever I express dislike for the curfew the Arab girls look at me like what is your problem, that is life, we like it this way.

I’m not even advocating on their behalf, I understand why the curfew exists, but in light of the ridiculousness that is finding a taxi and the fact that there are people who live here who come from countries whose take on freedom of a woman’s movement is quite different (the women have to have written permission from their father’s in order to be able to leave the dorms for any reason other than school at all) there should be some concessions made.  I have expressed this and want to write a letter to the head of housing about it.  I’m not asking for much but an extension of the time till 12 midnight— which is still ridiculous for me but I know I can’t go crazy with requests.

The girls roll their eyes, shake their heads, and wish me good luck.  I’A it will work out.

I just don’t want to step on any toes, but I know the curfew isn’t a Muslim thing or even because of the Qatari pace of life necessarily.  Events go on in Doha proper around 8 and finish 11, 12 or even after that.  I just want to be able to make it to more of them.


4 thoughts on “Give us Free!

  1. goodness, i hate curfew. back in nigeria i’m expected to be back home by 8 and it just blows my mind. usually stay out late till 3am so talk about early. i don’t think i could fully function under curfew.

    how come you have a curfew though? just curious..

    • gazelledusahara

      I have a curfew because the powers that be deemed it inappropriate for girls (as is how the women at this university are considered– no matter how old they are) to be out past that time. It also has to do with some parents from outside Qatar would not have sent their daughters to QU if such a curfew was not in place…

      I am lucky though, apparently when the dorms were first established, the students were only ever allowed out once a month to buy provisions… of course transportation to and from was on a school bus. ai, yay, yay!

  2. anafricaninsouthafrica

    Gazelle, u need to storm to whoever is responsible there and say that ur a grown woman who needs no curfew, lol, then they’ll arrets you and deport you for …prostitution, b/c which lady wnats to roam at night? lol, craziness!

    It is true that some people take their cultural prcatices and/or religious adaptations so seriously that they can’t even fathom that it’s not ‘right’. sad, really.

    As for feigning peity, I feel sorry for such people. Conforming to society is so important all over the world but religious adherence makes it worse. It’s easy to say that people should choose to either be religious for God or just chill. We have that choice. But many people don’t b/c it’s about what would others say, how would others think I have raised my child, in very rare cases, how will I account for bringing up Muslim children.

    In any case, the best Muslims are those who believe and live by Tawhid. They are there, some of them hidden b/c religious is personal and is a way of life so there is no single event where they can display their religiousity; others are more visible.

    • gazelledusahara

      I hear you YS, but I am chafing here. My own subjectivity aside, If I hear one more person talk about how Americans have lost their religion, or make some blanket statement about some aspect of Gulf Arab culture (like gender segregation for Everything) and call it Islamic I might have to gag… sigh.

      or perhaps this comment is a post all its own. sigh.

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