I Turned Down the Job Offer


I asked God for a sign and he gave it to me. I just don’t think I can deal with being here for three years. it’s too much to handle.  It’s funny cause at the interview the woman asked me, how I was and I told her 25 and she replied, oh we are an open society, you can meet someone here and get married!  I appreciate her frankness, but Qatari “openess” is not gonna get me man, I don’t think. Reality set in, and the confusion about what the next step will be is not gone, but I am closer to it as I have realized that the next step absolutely can not be here.

I think the weirdest part of all was the whole process, salary was never discussed, I wasn’t even given a chance to consider the offer based upon the interest that I showed at interview.  I am supposed to be a part-timer while in school and I had to ask what I would be paid for the part time tasks I completed.  Bureaucracies are every where, but I am not used to the work place set-up like this one and don’t want to get used to it.  Besides, I think the tax free salary thing is overrated, unless you are in 80,000+ range and are getting free housing.  This was not that kind of job.  I made more at my previous job than what they expect to pay me here… money isn’t everything, but once you slide backwards on the salary, it becomes hard when moving to the next level, and bonuses+ raises aren’t necessarily part of the vocabulary here.

I’A this was the right decision.  I want to focus on my books anyway!   …lol…

I’A I won’t end up on anyone’s naughty list…. :-/


8 thoughts on “I Turned Down the Job Offer

  1. Y.S.

    Alhamdulilah ‘ala kulli hal..you aasked for a sign and you got it. as long as you’re at peace with the decision. and you are right, at this point it’s about moving up, progressing, professionally, financially, spiritually, socially [whether the husbands at?, lol] and so on. at this age we need to stop being random and build a solid fondation for the type of life we want to live. the most difficult part is knowing what you want. after that, you work and make dua for it. like you i’m looking at stability, relevance/impact and peace of mind. the direction is still not clear but the understanding is there.
    thta lady is funny about marrying a Qatari, lol, although…
    so gazelle, me and Jemila linked up on facebook, interested in doing so? i might shut down the blog once i leave her but i don’t want to lose the contact.

    • gazelledusahara

      closing down the blog? oh you should continue it anyway and write about other adventures. I am totally down with FBinking. Do you use your real name on it? My privacy settings are ridiculous so I will probably have to find you.

      As for the job, apparently, they don’t understand that I don’t want it. Time to be forceful… I wish I didn’t have 8 more months here, then it wouldn’t matter so much how I extricated myself from the situation :-/

  2. Y.S.

    that amkes 2 of us who have privacy settings that are bazzoka. ok, i do use my real name, how about i make my profile completely accessible for the next 24 hrs, insh’Allah thta gives u time to add me.

    lol, the story is definately not mine…it came about when this married man [and very fine and very much my type] was trying to holla, and i immediately stopped him. it got me thinking what if i had said yes, what if it had led to marriage…

    i’ll post some parts of the story and the end. don’t wnat to put it all on the internet.

    the blog will completely change then, when i move from here, it will be less random but we shall see. i’m looking at a job in niger [boy oh boy will i be hot, but it’s close to home] and not sure how much Internet i’d have if i actually get the position and decide to move there.

    • gazelledusahara

      I can find you now, but I still can’t add you… your preferences are so high, there isn’t an option for that, I will make mine available, and send you my name. We will figure this out 🙂

  3. it is great that you were able to make your own decisions. i’ve got a question though, were you planning on relocating to Qatar at all? or was the job search just an impromtu thing. i believe whatever happens, works out for the best!

    • gazelledusahara

      No, I wasn’t planning on relocating at all, I just wanted to do this program, go home in June and go wherever God and my hussle took me next. I think that is still the plan. You just never know, I just felt like, well maybe this is where I’m meant to be.

      I’A this was the right decision.

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