Out of Qatar but not Home yet!


So I was supposed to be home as of the 14th of January, but here it is the 16th and I am London.  How did this happen?

I missed my connecting flight twice 😦 I’A I will not do this the next time.  Both times were a mixture of leaving too late and jumbled information from British Airways.  Rest assured that God willing I will not fly with them again! Being in London has brought back all the memories of  the differences between how  Britons communicate versus the way I am used to in the States.  I can not tell you how many times people who are employed to help me or at least give me information have done so with much attitude and rudeness.  Meanwhile I am left wondering, “what I do to make this person mad?”

My cousin who has been a darling through all this has said that she hadn’t recognized the rudeness until I came, argh! Here are a few of the scenarios:

1.  a British Airways employee asks me If I didn’t have “Enough sense” to look at my ticket and realize that it wasn’t checked in (even though another BA employee had told me that I was all set– I don’t really know what a ticket re-issued in under the circumstances should have looked like, and I certainly asked the woman who issued them what I needed to do when I came for my flight the next day)— I guess it’s my job to do their job for them.   Now, I have a few choice answers for him, but the moment is past.

2. I was given long-drawn out directions to get to where I could claim my luggage.  I made a wrong turn and asked another British Airways employee for help.  His response  was an accusatory “didn’t you ask for directions?” my response “yes, but I’ve lost the way somehow” his response “well you didn’t bother to pay attention did you? ” in a really snarky tone.  He wasn’t joking either,   he really meant to be the rude .

Sometimes it’s not how you say, it’s the way you say it.  That stuff might be funny on Fraiser, but it’s not in real life.  There is no love lost between London and me right now, and I will definitely write a complaint letter to British Airways about some of their incompetent, unhelpful and rude staff.  The sad part is that throughout this I have met up with maybe 3 nice BA employees as opposed to the 6 or so rude one that I have met…. sigh.   This drama will be over soon.

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