Reflections on Being Abroad


I have been going through and linking back to my entries while abroad, and have realized something.  I really didn’t like my time in the U.K!

It’s just a funny realization to me I guess, it’s to be expected.  I wonder though how much of it was the personal family tragedy that happened during my first few weeks there, how much of it was season affective disorder (which I am a firm believer in ever since my stint in London) and how much of it was just the crappy timing.   No more going outside the country during a highly contested election year!….lol

That should do the trick 🙂

On a larger note, I’ve been reading other (black) people’s travel blogs quite a bit lately and sort of struck at the differences of how people approach the new countries and peoples encountered.  I’m loving the spectrum, from people like me, who don’t shy away from the bad and ugly (but still manage to talk about the good, right?)  to others who have such beautiful pictures and descriptions that you almost want to call a travel agent and fly to China, Mexico, Italy.

I’m loving it.  I have, though as of yet not found much info on black people in Syria (I know ya’ll exist).  But no worries, I have several months before the next adventure!


2 thoughts on “Reflections on Being Abroad

  1. Gotta say that I a a tad bit green with envy. It is still my desire (even at age 58) to do an expatriation in Paris – 3 mos, as it were – have too many obligations at home. I have set my goal for July 2011 and pray that God will be merciful and grant my wish. I’m new here, but, plan to return often. Enjoy the next leg of your journey. Peace.

  2. gazelledusahara

    Welcome Sculptist!

    I hope you are able to see gay Paris… I have never been outside of the De Gaulle airport, but it’s definitely on my to visit list as well.

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