On Something to be Greatful for: Arabic films


No secret, I’ve been in a funk of sorts

but then it hit me, as I watched and Egyptian film for class…. OMG I actually understand Arabic dialects?

I am actually studying Levantine (Syria-Lebanon-Jordan-Palestine) so being able to watch and get an Egyptian film is a real plus!

What a DIFFERENCE  6 months makes.   I haven’t watched many but  I must admit, the class picks haven’t been all that bad….

the one I am watching, while I write this entry is called

بئر الحرمان


Which means well of deprivation—- that is unless it means something else in Egyptian dialect… It’s about a woman who has split personality disorder, as far as I can tell.. she’s the girl next door by day and loose woman by night—–The funny thing is that she keeps seeing the guys that she was with at night during the day and they are always scared…lol

On a serious note, the priceless one is that she sleeps with the family driver, and he thinks that she just put on a show for him the night before so he runs through the woods trying to rape her…. someone is definitely about to lose his job. … maybe not?

Yeah Egyptian films are…. weird…

another one that I saw a while back that I enjoyed was called المصير

which translates as destiny… I film about religious fanaticism during the time of Ibn Rushd

But a great although not without its flaws film is called Hassan wa Murqos which is about a Muslim Imam who has to live under the Egyptian equivalent of  witness protection program as a christian man (Murqos).  As for Hassan well he is…. you guessed it…  a Christian who has to live as a Sheikh.  It’s funny, serious, cheesey, all of that….

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