Spain vs. Sierra Leone


ah yes, the question of the decade for me right now…

I am trying to map out my five year trajectory, and my plan A has hit a snag… I am torn between trying to spend a year in Spain or a year in My (ahem) Native Land, Sierra Leone.

Each place offers some interesting and attractive possibilities, each also has its own set of possible obstacles, each would affect me career wise in different ways.   I took a poll amongst my dear college friends and Spain won hands down, with one undecided… lol… I don’t know if people were telling me where they would rather visit or what, but I am still hopelessly torn between the two 😦

I don’t want to go into all the specifics/logistics of my plans but the gist is this

Spain- would give me the chance to Speak Spanish and get it back on track, as well as speak, lots and lots of Arabic.  I Love Barcelona, or at least I think I still do.  I could work with the Sub-Saharan African Muslim community, which in Europe people tend to just ignore as well as the Arab Muslim community which gets a shalacking all the time.

But Sierra Leone is where the mind-set is long-term.  I could work with the Lebanese Sierra Leonean community, which there is much on in terms of studies and such, and i could get a better understanding (personal, first-hand) of the feasibility for more long-term projects.


I don’t know, I don’t know I don’t know!


One of my dear friends said that the thing I would probably dislike the most was the way that things are run, then again, Spain isn’t a prime of example of efficiency either.  My other main concern is health, not so much malaria and such, but allergies and asthma, as I know of people who have died of attacks while on vacation in Sierra Leone/after repatriation.

Sierra Leone, interestingly enough would probably be a little easier to get funding for, but I am scared to think about what would happen to my Spanish.  Then again, I could always teach it while in Sierra Leone (ha! ha! —- like there is such a big market for Spanish there…. well I could create it… ;-/)


Like I said up top, both are potentially life-changing/transformational… both in their own way are much the familiar mixed with being a gigantically broad and new frontier.

So yes, here I am terribly confused and confusingly undecided…. what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Spain vs. Sierra Leone

  1. Hmm…Spain vs. Sierra Leone. And we’re talking long term? I would have said Sierra Leone, actually, because of the homeland factor, but then you kind of scared me with that health stat. Being in a place where asthma doesn’t become a deadly disease sounds awesome to me. The project you had in mind for Spain sounds also sounds like an area little tapped and it sounds like you could make a great impact.

    But, my voting Spain is also due to familiarity with the concept of Spain, never having been there.

  2. gazelledusahara

    Yeah, it looks like that is where I am leaning as well… I am trying to get my head in the zone… and while I may/will be able to live in Sierra Leone Spain is less of a possible no?

    and yes, I am all about that national healthcare system… although I wiould have to stock up on dayquil and pepto bismol etc. cuz the Spanish equivalents work weird to me at least.

    So yeah, I think, I might, maybe go for it… possbibly…lol

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