Strengthened culturo-linguistic acumen


So I was catching up on some episodes of NCIS Los Angeles (is there any one more dreamy than LLCool J?— plus his character speaks Arabic!  loving it!)

and there was a two-episode arc where… well no need to explain the entire plot, but suffice it to say LLCool J’s character goes undercover to Yemen to unravel an al-qaeda like terrorist group.  And you know what?  I recognized almost immediately that the characters were not Yemeni from the Arabic they spoke!

Syrian Arabic class  is actually teaching me something!!!!!!!!  I just sat there going, wait a minute…. Yemenis don’t say this … and they don’t say that… these people are Levantine!


and To boot in order to beef up my Spanish skills I watched a program called 21 days living like a Muslim and I missed the fact that the first family that the reporter lived with was from Syria.  but I heard one of the sisters pronounce a name in a a very Levantine way which cause me to exclaim… ain’t no way they are Moroccan!…lol


Realizations like these are always cool because I feel like my cultural acumen is increasing… things that would have gone over my head before are now glaringly apparent to me. .. That’s progress, right?  eh.


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