On Not Going to Syria after all


So the U.S. issued a travel warning for Syria, I think this means that the road to Damascus for me ends here.

Yup, I was not even trying to be a part of that

I have no idea what is going to happen or what heck I am going to be doing after May but it’s OK.  I hope that we do not get sent somewhere cruddy… or somewhere that I have already been, but looking at the travel warning list makes me realize that my pickings are even slimmer than I had expected.  like 80% of the Arab world is on the travel warning list!

I’m not kidding… see for yourself!

So it’s going to be Jordan, Oman, the Emirates (yeah, I wish,) Qatar (Um, not ANOTHER year) Tunisia (which surprisingly does not have a travel warning)  or El -Maghreb BKA to English speakers as Morocco…

I mean darn! even Mauritania has travel warnings…

No secret I am rooting for a year in one of the Emirates, it wouldn’t even have to be Dubai or Abu-Dhabi, I would settle for one of the lesser known ones… sigh.  But Jordan or should I say Amman would not be so bad, I think.  But we will see.

I feel like I am going back to the drawing board… at least when I knew that I was going to Syria I could enquire and try to imagine what I might face as a Black woman there (* and here I should make the following caveat… when I go abroad I tend to go for extended periods of time i.e. one month or more and with an academic purpose whether study or research… this is expressly different from  a weekend or two week getaway… every place is great when you aren’t there for very long and when you don’t have to settle into the daily hustle bustle of the local population or your own— does it preoccupy my life? No.  But I prefer to look at things without scales on my eyes and face/be aware of whatever I might face beforehand), but now the upcoming year is a blank canvas.

Talk about Middle East adventure!

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