Ok Let me recant my previous Post… I might maybe be going to Syria… possibly


Ai, yai, yai…

So I still am not 100% sure about what I am supposed to be doing in just a few months. Or make it a month and a half.

I could be still in the States, I could be in Syria (although It certainly does not seem likely) or I could be in another Arab country either Jordan or Egypt.  Stuff is changing so much I’m not even trying to keep up… it’s hard because I am not particularly excited about either place… lol.

thankfully, should I end up in Egypt I will be in Alexandria, and not Cairo which is what makes me think I could actually survive a year in Um-alduniya (the mother of the world— what Egyptians call Egypt).  And yet Alexandria brings with it its own set of issues, for one it’s more conservative that Cairo from what I understand, I did the conservative thing for 8 months in Qatar and it can be stifling and chafing if it’s not your thing.  Then,  the Egyptian dialect could be an issue as I am not really exposed to it much, don’t really get it and don’t particularly like it (no offense)… I have to admit I have had a bias against Egyptian Arabic  for a while… probably since I started learning Arabic… sigh. I feel like I am finally getting the hang of Syrian Arabic, and now I May need to learn a whole other dialect. Sigh.

I guess the larger issue is that Egyptians are infamous for not being the most understanding of people who don’t speak their dialect… I have heard from countless people that they were laughed at in the streets of Cairo for using Modern Standard Arabic… sigh… Maybe Syrian will be enough for me to get by.

As for Jordan, eh.  I can’t imagine spending a year there, and not even Amman, but a more rural setting (read- conservative and booooooring… for me at least).  But we will see.  I am not shedding any tears for Damascus just yet…

Getting to the Arab world is apparently just half the adventure… who knows where I will end up 🙂 That’s why it’s best to keep my research of the racial factor in my potential host country until I know where exactly that host country will be…lol


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