Pre-Egypt Jitters


Argh! I started writing and somehow accidentally hit delete… oh well.

I was just thinking about how this experience is going to be unique.  There comes a point where travel starts to feel like one more notch on the belt, one more point on a map that I can point to and say, “yeah, I was there.” and it shouldn’t be that way. Well, I don’t want to feel that way, so it’s time for Gazelle to reflect a little.

The other day my sister was watching some public televsion travel show which featured cities in Spain.  It was strange to see all the cities that I had visited, and particular Cordoba, as it was where I spent most of time.  I was sent back to a “light-bulb” moment that I had while in Cordoba.  I don’t really remember where I was exactly when I had it, but I remember thinking “You know, this is amazing.”  The Mezquita had changed for me from a oft-repeated motif in my Spanish books to a point of reference.  How many did we say things like “meet by the Mezquita?”  How many times did I pass by the Al-cazar?

I guess I’m trying to get excited about travel again.  Which I haven’t been in a while.  Much of this is because of my experience with this program 😦 and part of this is just study fatigue I guess. I guess the third piece is… well, no need to mention that.


Qatar was exciting but not because I was traveling there. I was just happy to be getting out of a job that I didn’t like. Syria was not an exciting prospect (even before their on-going revolution) for a number of reasons, but it was what I signed up for.

Egypt is still taking some getting used to.  It is not what I signed up for.  It’s not what I have been preparing my mind to face for the last year.  But that doesn’t mean it won’t be great.

As always I am not putting all my eggs in the optimists basket.  Classic Gazelle.

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