Closing Time….It’s been real


I am closing this blog down.

My new one is focused mainly on my travel experiences. I imported all the entries related to being abroad there (and perhaps write some stuff about life in Alexandria).  But all the personal stuff (the good, bad and ugly of it) will be gone. (it’s about darn time too 😉

My new blog can be found HERE

This has been a lot of fun.  But, I no longer feel that writing stuff on here is fruitful for me personally.  Those who can, blog and those who can not… find something else to do.

I will say that I have been amazed at how this space has connected me to people awesome people that  I never even knew existed… and would probably not have me otherwise. I will still keep reading those blogs (it’s addictive… and more useful than FB, I think).

Not to mention having chronicled at least important dates in my life for the last 4.5 or so years.

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